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Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 00:52:45 EDT

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    As long as we all shall live ...there will be conflicts with our Western World.
    Human beings will fight wars for as long as we all live because of indifferences in civilizations.
    It doesn't make us the Western world bad....Nor does it make Asia or any other part of the world bad. We just cannot understand one another.....and that leads to war. Always has and always will. Especially when the enemy wants to throw religion into the picture of the potential war.

    As long as there are human beings spread across such a wide expanse as the world ...then there will always be war . Cultures will always clash for as long as any of us live as human beings.

    None of us will ever agree on everything ....but our problem as human beings is that we have to fight everything out when we don't agree.
    Our problem is that we see no other way but the way that we want to see.

    The entire world is guilty of that ....Not just the United States....nor the Western civilization.
    We are like ants when you think of it. Just a large version of human ant hills spread across the entire world.

    Ants hell when someone invades their hill. They even kill other ants!!!

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