Re: [sixties-l] Re: Peace News, websites, and bb

From: Ted Morgan (
Date: Tue Oct 02 2001 - 11:37:15 EDT

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    Re. the 'closing of web sites.' Both Znet and got
    temporarily wiped out by one of the latest viruses going around
    (Nimda?). I check on how coincidental this might have been with Michael
    Albert at Z, and he said it was a legitimate virus impact that cut a
    wide swath through the internet right around that time. Not targeted on
    left/progressive sites.
    Ted wrote:
    > Neat. Allen Cohen announces Peace News is resurrecting the Underground Papers
    > of the Sixties. With 4 male editors and such, 6 male writers, and the token
    > female. Which part of the sixties is being resurrected, guys?
    > --But good re developing a paper; it's needed, especially if there's any
    > truth to the comment I heard fleetingly, on a WBAI feed on KPFA last night,
    > of a couple of radical websites having been closed perhaps for reasons
    > related to Big Bro (though, to be fair, the radio commentator wasn't sure if
    > this was the reason).--
    > Paula

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