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Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 20:33:09 EDT

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    Women in Peace News include Prudence Priest, editor of a Dayton paper called
    Razzberry, Julia Vinograd, Diane DiPrima, Barbara Lee (her speech in
    Congress is lead story), Scarlot Harlot, Deidre Evans, Claire Burch, Pasha
    (a cartoonist), Maxine Hong Kingston, & Penny Skillman. Most of the
    underground was justly criticized for being macho but you shoud see the
    paper before criticizing it and of course I hope you do your own. We emptied
    our pockets to do this one. It is time, don't you think, to stop beating
    each other with old sticks and do some real work. Good luck!

    Allen Cohen
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    Neat. Allen Cohen announces Peace News is resurrecting the Underground
    of the Sixties. With 4 male editors and such, 6 male writers, and the token
    female. Which part of the sixties is being resurrected, guys?
      --But good re developing a paper; it's needed, especially if there's any
    truth to the comment I heard fleetingly, on a WBAI feed on KPFA last night,
    of a couple of radical websites having been closed perhaps for reasons
    related to Big Bro (though, to be fair, the radio commentator wasn't sure if
    this was the reason).--

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