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Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 19:38:34 EDT

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    > Brad,
    > The point in such a rebutal is not to convince the person, like Horowitz,
    > that you are addressing, but others who are standing on the sideline
    > listening to the conversation.

    A conversation is one thing. A tirade of mutual insults is something wholly
    other, which is often what such exchanges become unfortunately.

    > A good example of this is the "creationism" myth people who switched gears
    > and are now talking about "intelligent design." Somehow this seems so
    > absurd that it slipped through the cracks and now many who would reject
    > such myth making, embrace its pseudo scientific language to embrace what is
    > essentially "creationism" only now is dressed in different clothes. No one
    > bothered to take this ridiculous notion on and people buy into it.

    Actually, argument from "intelligent design" is not a new view, and in fact,
    predates "creation science," which only a little over a century old. It is
    simply a restatement of St. Thomas Aquinas, and interestingly enough, a view
    held by many Enlightenment thinkers. This is, of course, before later
    restatements of evolutionary theory (which wasn't new either, but never
    discussed as coherently prior to Darwin and others) in the mid and late 19th
    century "liberated" science from the chains of religious dogma. Then again,
    I am one of those myth-making, pseudo-scientific creationists (not a creation
    scientist...and there is a difference), so what the hell do I know any way?

    > That is the reason to take on such arguments. There needs to be an audience
    > that can be convinced.. and as you well know our society is loaded with
    > those who say, "I never thought of that."
    > That is my take on the point....
    > best, Don Monkerud

    Point well taken...and well-stated, Don. I am sure we don't agree on
    everything, but I always appreciate your openness and willingness to discuss.
     We need more of that.

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