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    >[Col. Writ. 9/16/01] Copyright '01 Mumia Abu-Jamal
    > The struggle for the freedom and liberty of Atlanta Muslim
    >leader, Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, must take place now,
    >before the cold fingers of the state can close around his neck.
    > Imam Jamil has already received what can only be called a
    >biased and prejudicial press, which has sought to depict him as
    >a dangerous, violent radical. In every substantive news report
    >there has been coverage of his brief membership in the Black
    >Panther Party, but there has been little reportage of his other
    >associations, and much less of his life as a Muslim Imam, who
    >worked as an anti-drug activist, and for the betterment of the
    >entire community.
    > Imam Jamil's political life didn't begin with the Black Panther
    >Party. Indeed, accounts written by leading Panthers, like
    >Huey P. Newton, or Elaine Brown, relate that Jamil, Kwame Ture
    >(the late Stokely Carmichael) and James Forman, were "drafted"
    >into the BPP, a "drafting" that was sabotaged by the FBI, and
    >which did not last but for a few months.
    > Imam Jamil spent most of his political life as a field director
    >and activist of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee
    >(SNCC), before his later religious conversion.
    > But if you are the media, which is more "juicy," a 6-month-long
    >dalliance with the Black Panthers, or a 6-year period with SNCC?
    >Which is more representative of his radical youth? Which is
    >the longest? *Which is the most prejudicial?*
    > Imam Jamil, in addition to being a spiritual leader, was a
    >businessman, who owned a local store. This is hardly the
    >profile projected by the national press.
    > Arrested a year ago in connection with the shootings of two
    >Atlanta sheriff's deputies, initial police reports strongly suggest
    >the Imam is innocent of the charges. The surviving deputy
    >told police investigators that his assailant was shot -- Al-Amin,
    >upon his apprehension, was not wounded.
    > Another police witness reported that the suspect had grey
    >eyes - Al-Amin's eyes are a dark brown.
    > At the time of this writing, the jury is being selected in a
    >murder trial. This is especially troubling in light of the recent
    >World Trade Center plane-bombings, as it has unleashed
    >a national flurry of hatred against many in the Islamic
    >community. When fear and hatred enter the mind, logic
    >rarely lingers.
    > That said, Al-Amin's freedom lies in people who express
    >their support now, instead of later. Fairness does not lie
    >in reversing an unjust conviction; rather it lies in preventing
    >one in the first place.
    > Imam Jamil has lived a good and rich life in service to
    >his spiritual and ethnic community. He richly deserves
    >the fullest support in all efforts leading to his freedom,
    >so that he may return to the community. *Free Imam Jami!*
    >Copyright 2001 MAJ
    >Visit <http://www.ImamJamil.com>http://www.ImamJamil.com and lend your

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