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Date: Tue Sep 18 2001 - 19:41:33 EDT

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    hey i am 51, with some physical problems, but i still have a good
    pie-throwing arm to heave meringue in the face of a fascist
    these fascist scumbags created their own frankenstein by concocting the
    taliban...when the soviets left as to continue the
    cia-sponsored drug war..... we, gray haired lefties and our offspring are
    their recurring nightmare.......shades of the yippies, the wether people,
    young lords, up-against-the-wall-motherfuckers cause these right wing crumbs
    to freak......we are still everywhere.......... we may have aged physically,
    but our hearts are still young fighting the good fight.......fuck you bush,
    puss limburger, jerky falsewelland the rest of your post-nixonoid sleazy ilk
    Giuliani Toilet Paper-
    USA-laughing stock of the world
    Check out <>

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    > Woops, too much to do to catch up from last week... it was a good
    > show, some very good photographs, some great comaraderie and the sad
    > notice that many of us have gray hair and are aging! But the spirit
    > lives on .... Harold Adler was one of the currators and worked on
    > this for over five years. Says he previewed over 1000 photos... and
    > there's a book with some very well done duo-tones... and essays by a
    > number of people you'd recognize...
    > best, Don
    > >I'll be attending and perhaps others on the list... a review afterwards.
    > >
    > >best, Don
    > >
    > >
    > >>Nothing against the Berkeley Art Center or this photo exhibit on the
    > >>but I'm surprised at some of the photographers not included and that so
    > >>of those active here--in Berkeley and Bay Area--not only were not
    > >>but knew nothing of this exhibit before now. Seems this may be a good
    > >>production but rather less than definitive.
    > >>Paula

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