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From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: Tue Sep 18 2001 - 03:11:04 EDT

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    I recall in the early/mid-1980s reading an article in, I think,
    Time/Newsweek/USNews and World Report about "new group" rising in Washington
    political life, rightists/far rightists, (some of them) "born again"
    Christians, who rather believed in Armageddon. I think Cheney and Perls were
    among the names. Does anyone remember this? Is there an index to any of
    these magazines one can search online for that period? Anyone with friends
    in a library periodicals department?
       Otherwise, I think right now our most effective, and urgent, action is to
    reach the most people most quickly. We can remind people about showing
    mourning through precisely *not* killing more people, and about the terror
    and murder of innocents should we attack Afghanistan (or anywhere) and the
    risk if Pakistan should (get destabilized and) come in against the US, and
    about the irrationality of military attack as a response (and
    counter-productivity of "making an example").
       We can also very simply remind people that even "evil" acts usually have
    causes, then get into the economic effects of US politicy--bit by bit. But
    the mood right now is such that even hints of this seem, to some listeners,
    as if we're "excusing those terrorists," etc. So--gently, reach people
    starting where they're at, but it's urgent. I've even phoned/written
    congresspersons--be sure to write to thank Barbara Lee!--and newspapers.

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