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Date: Fri Sep 14 2001 - 16:32:16 EDT

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    The first in-depth look at white people╣s activism in fighting racism during
    the past fifty years.

    A PROMISE AND A WAY OF LIFE: White Antiracist Activism
    Becky Thompson
    University of Minnesota Press | 512 pages | 2001
    0-8166-3633-8 | hardcover/jacket | $34.95
    0-8166-3634-6 | paperback | $19.95

    │Here is a fascinating collective portrait of an extraordinary group of
    white people who fought racism, often at great risk. Becky Thompson traces
    the background, the thinking, the actions of these people over a period of
    fifty years, as they participated in the most important social movements of
    our time. Her book is a valuable addition to the history of social movements
    in the 20th century.▓ Howard Zinn

    A Promise and a Way of Life weaves an account of the past half-century based
    on the life histories of thirty-nine people who have placed antiracist
    activism at the center of their lives. Through a fascinating narrative that
    links individual experiences with social and political history, Thompson
    shows the ways, both public and personal, in which whites have opposed
    racism during several social movements: the Civil Rights and Black Power
    movements, multiracial feminism, the Central American peace movement, the
    struggle for antiracist education, and activism against the prison industry

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