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    Subject: Acts of Peace

    John Bryan, editor of Open City, one of the first underground papers and
    first publisher of Bukowski and I are going to put out a fast Peace Paper
    called "PEACE" We hope to get it out by next weekend with a copy deadline by
    Wednesday . Can you contribute something at such short notice? I had in mind
    under 1000 words that is analytical and accessible and that points the way
    out of this mess or at least enables us to survive Bush and the dogs of oil
    and capital until we can again evolve a more sane world.
     Here is a poem I wrote today

    Allen Cohen
    editor San Francisco Oracle

    The Fallen Tower - September 11, 2001

    Images indelibly burned
    into the silver coated mind.
    Planes flying into towers,
    erotic symbols of power and wealth.
    The towers falling in upon themselves
    like a person slowly kneeling
    in submission to a divine will.
    But inside the debris
    lies the crushed and torn bodies
    of 5000 workers.Their dreams
    and their futures terminated.
    Their loved ones walking aimlessly
    around lower Manhattan holding
    the pictures of their lost loves
    bled from their computer printers.
    Five thousand lines of future history
    sucked into death's black hole.

    Words merely describing the images
    spreading a dread into the light
    while darkness remains adorned
    by the ominous moon
    and its necklace of stars.

    The vast world encircling
    web America has secured
    to the four directions
    is now shattered and torn.
    The threads of our security,
    our wealth, and enormous power
    are ruptured and we will try
    to repair the emptiness
    and fill it with the marching bands
    of military might and righteous anger

    The spider will flail and destroy and injure
    the guilty and the innocent
    and more enemies will find
    new ways to blind Cyclops
    and defeat Goliath with a slingshot.

    We are the leaders.
    We who care about all life.
    We who imagine a shared humanity
    on a lonely planet floating through the heavens.
    We who care about our endangered future.
    We who are disheartened
    about our enormous appetite
    exploiting peoples all over the world.
    We who want an end to oil politics
    and to begin a new era based
    on the natural energies
    the creation has provided us.
    We who need to live
    for the well being of all.
    We to whom the saints taught
    of love and compassion.
    We to whom the martyrs in those
    crushed buildings and the fiery jets,
    their ghosts hovering in our hearts,
    have called not to revenge
    but to a new crusade
    of reconciliation between nations,
    between the rich and poor
    between humanity and nature
    between the present
    and our children's future.

      Allen Cohen

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