[sixties-l] Dylan: radio makes hideous sounds

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Date: Thu Sep 13 2001 - 16:12:17 EDT

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    Dylan: 'radio makes hideous sounds'


    The times they have a-changed, and veteran folk star Bob Dylan is not
    moving with them, revealing that he thinks the radio "makes hideous sounds"
    these days.
    Bob, who turned 60 recently, said he hates most modern music and fights
    with his teenage daughter about her musical tastes.
    "The radio makes hideous sounds," the 1960s pop culture icon told Time
    As he releases his 43rd album to date, Love and Theft, Dylan said he
    approved of Eminem, despite not listening to his music.
    "I almost feel like if anything is controversial, the guy's gotta be doing
    something right."
    But the praise ended there, with Dylan commenting that pop magpie Beck
    needs more focus, "You just can't be that good at everything you touch."
    In 1986, Dylan had a child with one of his back-up singers, Carolyn Dennis,
    and they later married.
    He says he cannot discuss music with his daughter. "I get in fights with
    her if I talk about music."
    Bob is one of the icons of the 1960s and 70s hippy era, when his songs of
    protest tapped into an American tradition of folk music that took a vicious
    antiestablishment view.

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