Re: [sixties-l] Passing of Stan Weir

From: william m mandel (
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 22:19:04 EDT

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    I knew Stan Weir at the time he and the anti-Bridges idiots did their
    best to undermine the most anti-racist labor union in existence, then
    and now, the Longshoremen. No, I was never a longshoreman, although my
    late son-in-law was, and his son, my grandson, is. This has nothing to
    do with Weir's courage in opposing the existing socio-economic system.
                                            William Mandel

    radtimes wrote:
    > Gabe Gabrielsky <> sent the following to H-LABOR:
    > Stan first gained public notoriety in the 1960's as a leader of
    > the "B" men in the ILWU for full union citizenship and an activist in the
    > struggle against containerization. Support for his struggle was taken up
    > by leading anti-Bridges intellectuals on the East Coast including Norman
    > Thomas, Michael Harrington, Bayard Rustin, Harvey Swados and James
    > Baldwin.
    Do you teach in the social sciences? Consider my SAYING NO TO POWER
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