[sixties-l] Rainbow Farm: Michigan Militia blames local cops

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Date: Thu Sep 06 2001 - 20:12:03 EDT

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    Michigan Militia blames local cops


    Group's leader says local sheriff should not have let FBI control standoff

    By Hawke Fracassa

    KALAMAZOO -- The Michigan Militia blames the killing of two marijuana
    advocates at a Cass County campground on the local police, even though Tom
    Crosslin, 47, and Rolland Rohm, 28, where slain by an FBI agent and a
    state trooper.

    Tom Wayne, executive officer of the Kalamazoo-based Michigan Militia Corps
    of Wolverines, said Sheriff Joe Underwood Jr. "should be fired" for
    abdicating control of the standoff at the Rainbow Farm to other police

    "He acquiesced and gave up his rights to the state police and the FBI,"
    Wayne said.

    "What was the FBI doing there and why was it in a position to shoot
    anybody? I know the grunts who work for the FBI and they are good people
    (but) the FBI should have only been there in an advisory capacity. Why did
    they need that massive force?"

    Wayne said agents should have wounded instead of killed the men "because
    everybody is entitled to due process."

    "This is the first time I have seen them (FBI agents) screw up in
    Michigan," Wayne said. "The (FBI) had no jurisdiction. They got
    jurisdiction because the sheriff's department gave it to them. The locals
    blew it."

    Charles Giacona, vice-president of Right to Decency in Warren, said the
    FBI and police did what they had to do.

    "The police and FBI are not going to take any chances when threatened.
    These guys weren't exactly growing corn. The cops will not take the chance
    that they'll be the dead ones."
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