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    > Harold Adler wrote:
    > You are cordially invited to attend > Subject: The Whole World's
    > Watching: The 60's and 70's > >
    > http://www.berkeleyartcenter.org/pages/twww.html
    > ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Peace and Social Justice Movements of the 1960s And 1970s.
    > An exhibition of documentary photography at the Berkeley Art Center
    > The Whole World's Watching is an extraordinary exhibition which
    > examines the rich history of the social movements of the1960s and
    > 1970s through documentary photography. With a focus on Northern
    > California where many of these activities were born, distinguished
    > photographers illuminate the rise of the Black Panthers, the
    > Free-Speech and Anti-war Movements, feminism, disability rights,
    > environmental activism, the struggle for gay rights and the cultural
    > milieu which formed and informed them.
    > The exhibition presents 100 images taken during these turbulent times
    > by noted photographers including: Harold Adler, George Elfie Ballis,
    > Richard Bermack, Kathryn Biglow, Jeffrey Blankfort, Nacio Jan Brown,
    > Cathy Cade, Jim Dong, Bob Fitch, Paul Fusco, Howard Harawitz, Ilka
    > Hartmann, Paul Herzoff, Robert Hsiang, Chris Huie, John Jekabson,
    > Larry Keenan, Ken Light, Richard Misrach, Helen Nestor, John Pearson,
    > Howard Petrick, Ronald J. Riesterer, Harvey Wilson Richards, Richard
    > Sammons, Stephen Shames, Ted Streshinsky, Michelle Vignes and Douglas
    > Wachter.
    > A 160-page catalog with text by noted scholars and activists
    > accompanies the exhibition. They include Leon F. Litwack, Charles
    > Wollenberg, Clayborne Carson, William M. Mandel, Jeffrey Lustig, Clark
    > Smith, Alice Sachs Hamburg, Ruth Rosen, Joshua Bloom, Judy Grahn,
    > Donna Amador, Richard Garcia, Edward Castillo, Tommi Avicolli Mecca,
    > Wendy Marian Schlesinger, HolLynn D'Lil, Chris Clarke, Peter Coyote
    > and Marshall Krause.
    > Opening at the Berkeley Art Center, 1275 Walnut Street in Live Oak
    > Park, Berkeley, California, September 16, 2001, with a reception from
    > 2 to 4 p.m.
    > The exhibition runs through December 16, and admission is free.
    > Gallery hours are Wednesday through Sunday noon to 5 p.m.
    > The Center will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday November 22-25.
    > A number of special events and public programs will take place
    > throughout the exhibition's run.
    > The exhibition has been funded by the California Council for the
    > Humanities and the National Endowment for the Arts.
    > "THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING brings the Sixties and Seventies alive in
    > a remarkable set of photos and essays. The photos are strikingly
    > dramatic and will recall to those who lived in those years the
    > emotion, the anger, the joy of participating in the great social
    > movements of our time. The essays are short, pungent, and wide-ranging
    > as they recall the richness, the cameraderie of those historic
    > struggles for peace and justice."
    > -Howard Zinn, historian and author of A People's History of the United
    > States
    > "These photos and narrative capture the spirit of the sixties. The
    > spirit lives."
    > - David Hilliard, Chief of Staff, Black Panther Party
    > "The photos and text brings forth love and inspiration to my heart and
    > eyes, and inspire not only myself to continued work, but, I hope,
    > younger generations to come."
    > -Winona LaDuke, Native American activist & Green Party candidate for
    > U.S. Vice President, 2000
    > ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    > Berkeley Art Center
    > 1275 Walnut Street
    > Berkeley, CA 94709
    > 510-644-6893
    > For more Information contact:
    > Cathy Sprent: (510) 644-6893
    > Sally Douglas Arce: (510) 525-9552
    > To view sample photos, CLICK HERE
    > ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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