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From: RozNews@aol.com
Date: Tue Sep 04 2001 - 07:32:35 EDT

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    Marilyn Buck is in prison in calif. I visited her a few years ago as I am
    doing video interiews of white folks that worked with or helped the Panthers.
     While in prison for buying guns and making false ID's for the Panthers she
    was allowed out for a furlough. She did not return. She worked with the
    Black Liberation Army and later was arrested for participating with the
    Brinks robbery in Westchester County.
    She writes poetry, workes with ceramics, and is going to school while in
    prison. She is as beautiful as ever and as strong politically as she always
    Roz Payne
     Do wrote
    << I've often wondered what happened to Marilyn Buck? Around the time of
    George Jackson.

    As I recall she served a very long prison sentence for being
    convicted of buying ammuniation for the Black Panthers. Is she still
    in prison? >>

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