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From: Jeffrey Blankfort (
Date: Sat Sep 01 2001 - 03:24:34 EDT

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    Marilyn Buck is serving a 77 year term at the Womens Federal Prison in
    Dublin about 45 minutes from San Francisco. She is the last political
    prisoner housed at that prison which was where the Puerto Rican sisters
    Carmen Valentine, Dylcia Pagan, the Rodriguez sisters, Alice and Lucy
    were when Clinton pardoned them. It is also where Laura Whitehorn, now
    living in NY and Linda Evans, now in Southern California were imprisoned
    before they got out. Linda and Susan Rosenberg were pardoned by Clinton.

    Marilyn a few months back won the PEN literary award for the best prison
    poetry of the year, and has also become an accomplished potter. Most
    important, she has stayed strong politically while incarcerated in a
    system that offers little chance for her release.

    Jeff Blankfort

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    > I've often wondered what happened to Marilyn Buck? Around the time of
    > George Jackson.
    > As I recall she served a very long prison sentence for being
    > convicted of buying ammuniation for the Black Panthers. Is she still
    > in prison?
    > best, Don

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