Re: [sixties-l] Unplug the oldies - for good

From: Ted Morgan (
Date: Wed Aug 29 2001 - 11:05:28 EDT

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    Thanks to Michael Wright for passing along the classic exemplars of the
    60s-bashing-via-boomer-bashing phenomenon. Of course hearing impairment
    is a genuine and significant health concern, especially showing up in
    people of, ahem, a certain age (so say I, with tinnitus I've had for
    several years). And, of course, loud rock music is one source for
    hearing damage. But what, pray tell, does this have to do with the glib
    generalization so commonly repeated in our mass culture, "Will
    baby-boomers ever grow up?" This is the single most common theme in
    the mass media's treatment of the 60s --that they (and subsequent
    shifts on popular patterns) can be identified with (and are therefore
    reduceable to) a "generation." Not surprisingly, what was once a kind
    of hyping of boomers quickly passed, as fashions do, to bashing boomers,
    as everyone hops on the market train.

    It's way past time to demythologize (rather than simply reinforce) mass
    culture, don't you think?

    Ted Morgan

    ) wrote:
    > Will baby-boomers ever grow up?
    > Aging baby-boomers trying to pretend to be hot young rockers are pathetic.
    > Don't they know that hearing impairment is the nation's most prevalent chronic illness, and that loud rock bands and loud stereos are a big reason for this? In the early 90s, the National Institutes of Health estimated 28 million cases of hearing impairment in the US, with 10 million said to be caused by excessive noise.
    > Don't they know why rock'n'roll sax player Billy Clinton had to get a hearing aid at age 50?

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