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Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 23:12:47 EDT

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    WE ARE THE PEOPLE OUR PARENTS WARNED US AGAINST is the title of a book by _Washington Post_ journalist Nicholas Von Hoffman (Chicago: Quandrangle Books, 1968). It was based upon reportage he filed from the Haight-Ashbury during the summer and early fall of 1967. (The softcover edition (Greewich, Conn.: Fawcett Publications, 1968] features the subtitle on the cover: _A Close-up of the Whole Hippie Scene_). On page 71, Von Hoffman attributes the source of this slogan to "Graffito, coffeehouse wall, Summer 1967."

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    Dear Friends,

    Was it MARIO SAVIO who first said, "We are [We're] the people our
    parents warned us about [or against]"?

    Probably this expression will never be traced to a single documentable
    source, but if you can recall any particular instance of its use prior
    to the famous poster, I'd be grateful to know about it.

    This is for personal interest, not for publication.

    Marian F. Bock

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