Re: [sixties-l] Re: Jacobs on Global Capitalism

From: Carrol Cox (
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 16:15:39 EDT

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    Jay Moore wrote:
    > [clip] and Marx was right. I don't
    > think this is "dogma". It's supported empirically by every statistical
    > piece of evidence I've seen. Even in the U.S. where some portion of the
    > working class (Marx's "labor aristocracy") has benefited materially from the
    > proceeds of imperialism, wages in real terms have gone down since the 1970s.
    > [clip
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    > > Dear Ron,
    > >
    > > [clip]
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    > > But I must say: I would have thought your studies of Weatherman would have
    > > convinced you that complex analysis is more helpful than macho,
    > > anti-imperialist sloganeering. The world, alas, has grown vastly more
    > > complicated than your cookie-cutter radicalism acknowledges.

    I missed this the first time around. In addition to the points Jay
    makes, the excerpt above from Jeremy's post is simply absurd. According
    to it, the world contains two groups: weathermen on the one hand, sober
    realistic admirers of capitalism on the other hand. The Weather movement
    was indeed obnoxious -- the only two grudges I still hold from the '60s
    is a certain former Provost at ISU and the Weathermen. But Weather is
    exactly the sort of thing that capitalism endlessly generates. And to
    cite them as characterizing anti-capitalism is about as simplistic as
    analysis can get.


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