[sixties-l] Vieques & Vibroacoustic Disease

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Date: Fri Aug 17 2001 - 09:41:48 EDT

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    Portuguese medical researcher Nuno Castelo Branco has
    been publishing on the problem of vibroacoustic disease,
    which afflicts workers in factories with high-decibel, low
    frequency noise.

    He has also examined 50 residents of Vieques Island, and
    observed enlarged hearts sacs in 49. This is one of the
    manifestations of vibroacoustic illness. The problem is
    attributed to the loud booms of the naval cannons.

    Castelo Branco has also observed the syndrome in disc
    jockeys. This is caused by the thumping booms of the high-
    decibel bass.

    Here in the mainland, we are suffering from an epidemic of
    audio aggression perpetrated by so-called boom cars. These
    have been equipped with extra-powerful bass speakers which
    can penetrate brick walls, disturb sleep, rattle windows, and
    inflict victims with stress and anger.

    The ads for these devices promote aggression, sexism, misogyny,
    and hatred for the elderly. For more on this, including samples of
    the ads, go here:


    -- Michael Wright

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