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Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 17:37:57 EDT

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    Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001
    Subject: [BlackPantherFilmFest] IBPFF News: 2001 Festival Over... What's next?

    The International
    Black Panther Film Festival Newsletter

    August 16, 2001
    Volume 1 Issue 4

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    Inside today's issue:

    # 2001 Festival Over... What's next?
    # Help Fund the IBPFF (International Black Panther Film Festival)
           @ SIDEBAR: Stand with Mumia Abu-Jamal at Hearing August 17th!
    # Got Pix?
           @ SIDEBAR 2: 35th Anniversary Celebration of the BPP

    2001 Festival Over... What's next?

    The International Black Panther Film Festival (IBPFF) 2001 had
    tremendous success, attracting participants and filmgoers from around
    the world to the four-day May event. The cable television channel
    BLACK STARZ featured the event during their promotion of Spike Lee's
    new film "A Huey P. Newton Story," and our own festival documentary
    crew, The Black Documentary Collective, is making a short about the
    festival. Additionally, on June 7, 2001, one of the 2000 and 2001
    IBPFF documentaries, "Public Enemy" (w/Bobby Seale, Kathleen Cleaver,
    Jamal Joseph, Nile Rodgers) directed by Jens Meurer and distributed
    by REAL FICTION, made its theatrical debut in Germany.

    At present, festival organizers have re-structured the committees in
    preparation for the next festival, which will take place in spring
    2003. In the coming months, news you can expect to receive via this
    newsletter include:

    - Screening details of films featured at the 2001 or 2000 festival.
    - Festival film purchase and rental information.
    - Book lists on the Black Panther Party and other movements.
    - News on IBPFF educational youth outreach programs.
    - Links to other websites focused on grassroots movements.
    - Announcements about IBPFF website redesign and development changes.
    - Information on how your financial donations/sponsorships can
    benefit the IBPFF or political prisoners.

    & much more!

    Help Fund the IBPFF (International Black Panther Film Festival)
    Donators Eligible for Souvenir Program/T-Shirt/Poster

    The International Black Panther Film Festival (IBPFF), a not for
    profit corporation, is having a fund-raising campaign from August 30,
    2001 through October 1, 2001. This year's festival earned as much as
    it cost. Now funds need to be raised to defray the costs of future
    screenings and to sustain the planning efforts that will ensure the
    success of our next major festival. Donations should be made by check
    or money order payable to the International Black Panther Film
    Festival and mailed to the festival office.

    All donators of at least $10 or more during this campaign will
    receive a souvenir IBPFF 2001 program and will receive a 2001
    festival poster (while supplies last). ONLY the first 60 people who
    donate at least $25 or more will receive the collector's item IBPFF t-
    shirt from the May 2001 festival (These are 100% cotton shirts, black
    with a white design, in XL and XXL sizes only. While you may suggest
    a shirt size, we will not be able to guarantee you'll receive the
    size that you desire.)

    The design on our t-shirt and the poster is similar to the IBPFF
    postcard design that can be found at:

    To be eligible for the program and poster or t-shirt, donations must
    be postmarked between August 30, 2001, and October 1, 2001. All
    donations must be in US dollars. T-shirts are only available to the
    first 60 donations of $25 or more. Programs, posters and t-shirts are
    available to donators during this campaign while supplies last. All
    proceeds raised during the time period will be used to support the
    IBPFF. NOTE: International Black Panther Film Festival directors,
    organizers, advisors, and volunteers may donate to this campaign but
    are not eligible for t-shirt, program, or poster giveaways.

    For this campaign:

    1. Write a check or money order made payable to The International
    Black Panther Film Festival.
    2. Print or type your full name, telephone number, mailing address,
    and email address, on your check or money order or on a separate
    piece of paper. (Donators receiving t-shirts will be notified by
    email or telephone call. Allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery. If you wish
    to donate, but exclude yourself from the t-shirt or poster giveaway,
    write "NO SHIRT/POSTER" on your check or money order.)
    3. Mail donations postmarked between August 30, 2001 and October 1,
    2001 to: IBPFF, 580 Broadway, Suite 501, New York, NY 10012 .

    [For questions about this fund-raising campaign, you can email the
    festival office at bpfilmfest@hotmail.com]

    SIDEBAR: Stand with Mumia Abu-Jamal at Hearing August 17th! (TOMORROW)

    Activists from around the country, including celebrities like actor
    Ossie Davis and hip hop artist Mos Def, will travel to Philadelphia
    Friday, August 17, 2001 (tomorrow) to stand with Mumia Abu-Jamal, the
    African American journalist facing the death penalty in Pennsylvania
    who will appear before a Commons Pleas judge in the Criminal Justice
    Court at 9 a.m.

    The International Action Center (IAC) is organizing buses from all
    over the country to go to Philadelphia. For bus information in NYC as
    well as leaflet and poster pick-ups, call the IAC at (212) 633-6646.
    The August 17th coalition also is organizing buses with the 1199
    Health and Hospital Union in NYC. Call (212) 330-8029 for more
    information. For more details about Mumia Abu-Jamal's case, contact
    the INTERNATIONAL ACTION CENTER, 39 W. 14th St. Room 206, New York
    City, NY 10011. Phone: (212) 633-6646 Fax: 212-633-2889 Website:

    Additional Mumia information is available at mumia.org,
    http://www.mumia.org , run by International Concerned Family and
    Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal. For NYC metropolitan area residents, find
    information about Mumia at http://www.freemumia.com or call the
    freemumia.com hotline at (212) 330-2039.

    Got Pix?

    If you attended the recent 2001 IBPFF or the first festival in 2000
    and would like to donate your pictures to the film festival website,
    mail those pictures (if not in digital format) to the IBPFF, 580
    Broadway, Suite 501, New York, NY 10012. If the pictures you took are
    in .jpg or .gif format, email them to info@redibis.com with "Panther
    Fest Pix" in the subject line. Also, if anyone knows the whereabouts
    of a missing digital camera that was lost on the last day of the
    festival (May 6, 2001), please email info@redibis.com.

    SIDEBAR 2: Black Panther Celebration

    The 35th Anniversary Celebration and Conference of the Founding of
    the Black Panther Party (BPP) will be October 11-14, 2001 in
    Washington, DC. The conference is open to Panthers and non-Panthers
    alike. For more details or to register for the event, visit the It's
    About Time Committee's website: http://www.itsabouttimebpp.com

    Stay tuned for more news to come!

    Group Publisher: Kathleen Cleaver
    Group Editor: Deidra McIntyre

    Group Homepage:

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