[sixties-l] Psychedelic Trips for the Mind

From: Bob Rowell (bobro@voicenet.com)
Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 19:23:23 EDT

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    Psychedelic Trips for the Mind is a new book edited by Paul Krassner. It was published by High Times www.hightimes.com .

    The book includes stories by and about Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Ken Kesey, Wavy Gravy, Groucho Marx, Jerry Garcia, Mountain Girl, Andrei Codrescu, Todd McCormick, John Lennon, Abbie Hoffman, Stew Albert, Michael Hollingshead, Eldridge Cleaver, Steven Hager, Susie Bright, Dave Marsh, Michael Simmons, Steve Parish, Augustus Owsley, Steve Bloom, Dawna Kaufmann, Stanley Krippner, Jerry Hopkins, Roy Tuckman, Robert Anton Wilson, Ivan Stang, Lisa Law, John Shirley, Squeaky Fromme, Michael Simmons and many others.

    As with all of Paul Krassner's books, this one is nearly impossible to put down. The book has been released and it is definitely a trip.

    For more about Paul Krassner:


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