[sixties-l] Einhorn Book Published by Konformist Kollective?

From: radtimes (resist@best.com)
Date: Fri Jul 27 2001 - 16:08:35 EDT

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    The Unicorn Speaks:

    Einhorn Book Published by Konformist Kollective?

    For further information, please contact Konformist.com Editor Robert
    Sterling at robalini@aol.com.

    Before being suddenly - and surprisingly - extradited from France on
    murder charges stemming from the 1977 slaying of his girlfriend Holly
    Maddux, Ira Einhorn had made a tentative plans to have at least one
    book of his writings published by the brand new Konformist
    underground publishing label, The Konformist Kollective. (The
    Konformist online magazine can by found at
    http://www.konformist.com .)

    No contract had been signed, and no terms had been agreed on as to
    what he would be paid. (For the record, any money Einhorn was to get
    from the deal would likely go to the Maddux family, who have a $907
    million judgement against him thanks to a 1999 civil jury ruling.)
    But all the ground work has been laid to fulfill the deal, at it
    likely will still happen.

    Einhorn is often described as a New Age "hippie" guru.
    Nicknamed "The Unicorn," he fled the country in 1981 on the eve of a
    pretrial hearing and lived in Europe under a series of fake names.
    Einhorn faces life in prison without the possibility of parole. It
    is doubtful if he will be released on bail.

    The book will be a combination of his own writings and his personal
    story, including his version of events surrounding the murder case
    which has earned his notoriety.

    Maddux had been missing for 18 months when her remains were found
    decaying in a trunk in Einhorn's apartment. (Neighbors had reported
    a stench from a dark liquid that oozed through the ceiling of their
    kitchen closet.) A witness who lived in Einhorn's building testified
    in 1993 that he heard noisy thumps and a scream around the time
    Maddux disappeared, and another said Einhorn had asked her to help
    him dump the trunk that contained Maddux's body, saying it
    contained "top secret" documents.

    Einhorn has maintained his innocence. He claims he is a victim of a
    conspiracy, involving the CIA and/or the KGB. Among the possible
    motives: his involvement in leading edge parascience activity, as
    well as his high profile as a counterculture radical for his anti-war
    and environmental activities. (He was a leading force behind the
    founding of Earth Day in 1970.)

    Einhorn was interviewed by Adam Gorightly for the underground
    paranormal-conspiracy The Excluded Middle
    ( http://www.excludedmiddle.com .) Gorightly's upcoming book, The
    Shadow Over Santa Susana, is scheduled to be the first published
    under The Konformist Kollective. Greg Bishop, editor of The Excluded
    Middle and a winner of a Project Censored Award for his work on The
    Konformist, interviewed Einhorn last month on his Internet radio show
    at Killradio.org.

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