Re: [sixties-l] Thanks, Beatles, for the '60s - And Get Well, George

Date: Tue Jul 17 2001 - 13:54:26 EDT

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    Stew: I'm glad you mentioned the influence of SF music, because several
    of its founders, then late teens, are people who had attended the
    American Friends Service Committee summer camp at Lake Tahoe in 1959
    where great late Bill Bailey and I were on faculty. (We had nothing to
    do with music, although I, then with very decent voice, sang them the
    old Leftie, Wobbly, Spanish Civil War and pre-Hitler German radical
    songs. Just spare-time fun, not anything organized). Joanie Baez, then a
    gorgeous 19 with that perfect voice, was there. So were my sons, one of
    whom was later a musician for a number of years: fine guitarist. I have
    thought for many years that the SF sound got its start there. The kids
    played all the time.
                                    Bill Mandel wrote:
    > That's right Bill. And 60's music got a big creative kick in San Francisco
    > before the Beatles showed up in America - and the Beatles were strongly
    > influenced by SF music and hence their later and greater albums. Ofcourse
    > through their music and films --the Beatles had a tremendous influence on a
    > large chunk of the world.
    > John Lennon, whose influence for better or worse, may be more lasting then
    > the other Lenin, was very interested in the American Black movement--and I
    > was present (actually helped arrange) a meeting between him and Huey Newton.
    > Newton wrote later to Lennon, that Lennon's song Imagine articulated Newton's
    > intercommunal politcal philosophy.--Stew Albert

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