Re: [sixties-l] Thanks, Beatles, for the '60s - And Get Well, George

Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 22:06:42 EDT

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    That's right Bill. And 60's music got a big creative kick in San Francisco
    before the Beatles showed up in America - and the Beatles were strongly
    influenced by SF music and hence their later and greater albums. Ofcourse
    through their music and films --the Beatles had a tremendous influence on a
    large chunk of the world.
       John Lennon, whose influence for better or worse, may be more lasting then
    the other Lenin, was very interested in the American Black movement--and I
    was present (actually helped arrange) a meeting between him and Huey Newton.
    Newton wrote later to Lennon, that Lennon's song Imagine articulated Newton's
    intercommunal politcal philosophy.--Stew Albert

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