[sixties-l] 35th Year Black Panther Party Reunion

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Date: Sat Jul 07 2001 - 12:46:43 EDT

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    IT'S ABOUT TIME - 35th Year Black Panther Party Reunion

    The It's About Time Committee is committed to hosting an inclusive,
    non-sectarian, memorable event that celebrates the founding
    principles, platform, and programs of the Black Panther Party (BPP).
    We will commemorate the historic legacies of the BPP as well as the
    many sacrifices and constructive contributions that all of us made
    while serving the people body and soul.

    As we approach the 35th anniversary of the Black Panther Party's
    founding, not only do we have the opportunity to celebrate, we have
    the responsibility to place our own experiences into historical
    context. We have the privilege and obligation to acknowledge the
    support of our elders, friends and families during those turbulent
    times and we must commemorate the sacrifices of those who fell in
    body and in spirit to the prevailing internal and external forces of
    those times; especially our political prisoners.

    After 27 years of court battles, we recently celebrated the release
    of our comrade geronimo ji jaga from Amerika's gulag. During the
    course of that struggle, information about the FBI's COINTELPRO
    program of dirty tricks and blatant set-ups came to light. We must
    rededicate ourselves to the struggle to seek justice for the many
    other victims of COINTELPRO who continue to suffer behind bars, and
    all political prisoners.

    Unless we former members do otherwise, the legacy of the BPP will be
    rendered moot - largely ignored, dismissed and distorted by today's
    commentators and tomorrow's historians. We need to tell our stories
    and the stories of those of us who we lost or remain imprisoned.

    Those of us who continue to struggle for justice in our communities
    need to come together as a unified force. We must get beyond the
    divisions, orchestrated by the COINTELPRO forces, among others, to
    render us ineffective or destroy us as a viable movement.

    Let us come together to celebrate our contributions to the Black
    Liberation Struggle, to the struggle for all peoples for justice and
    humanity, to preserve our history, set an example for today's youth,
    and to Unite in our dedication to seeking justice for our political
    prisoners - It's About Time!

    It's About Time Committee
    to Celebrate the Founding of the Black Panther Party

    PO Box 221100, Sacramento CA 95822 - (916) 455-0908

    ** Jonina Abron ** Safiya Bukhari ** Sherry Brown ** Clark (Santa
    Rita) ** Bailey ** Kathleen Cleaver ** Nzinga Conway ** Terry Cotton
    ** Aaron Dixon ** Elmer Dixon ** Emory Douglas ** Claudia Grayson **
    (Sister Sheba) ** William (Billy X) Jennings ** Frank Kellum **
    Tarika (Matilaba) Lewis ** Akua Njeri (Deborah Johnson) ** Jimmy
    Slater ** MadalynnCarolRucker ** Talibah Shakir ** Gail Shaw **

    BLACK PANTHER PARTY, October 11-14, 2001
    University of the District of Columbia
    4200 Connecticut Ave., NW Washington DC

    Things you can do to make this conference a success:

    1. Make a tax-deductible donation - a donation of $50 or more will be
    recognized in our conference program book.
    2. Donate memorabilia from the Black Panther Party or other social
    justice movements of the 60's and 70's. We will have an historical
    exhibit which will include newspapers, buttons, posters, photos and
    other documents.
    3. Spread the word through your organization, among friends in your
    region and to the progressive media.
    4. Volunteers will be needed to help organize at the event.
    5. Organizations and vendors who would like to set up tables can
    contact Sister Sheba at cvgsheba@burningmail.com.
    6. Organizations that would like to place an ad or message in our
    Conference Program can contact itsabouttime3@juno.com.
    7. Check our website for updates on the conference at

    Make checks payable to: It's About Time

    Tentative Reunion Schedule

    Thursday, Oct. 11 - registration and opening of hospitality suite
    Opening of all exhibits: photos, memorabilia, art and video showings
    Panel on police brutality and Panel discussion of Reparations

    Friday, Oct. 12 - Registration
    Opening plenary session with Bobby Seale
    Workshop sessions in morning and after lunch
    Friday afternoon Panel on Political Prisoners with representatives
    from each defense committee, and Political Prisoners speak out
    Friday evening social event

    Saturday, Oct. 13 - Morning plenary session with Safiya Bukhari
    Plenary session on Cointelpro
    Saturday evening Banquet, Special Invitation only with Kathleen

    Sunday, Oct. 14 - Community Day in Malcolm X Park - food, speakers
    and entertainment

    Most workshops will be facilitated by former Black Panther Party

    Proposed workshops include:
    Police Brutality - Michael Zinzun
    Art and Music in the struggle - Emory Douglas and Boots Riley
    How to Organize Youth - Malcolm X Grassroots and Rory Abernathy
    Role of Women in the BPP - Rosemari Mealy
    Health Issues - Dr. Bert Small
    Solidarity in the Struggle - Richard Aoki, AIM, Young Lords, Attica
    Former Political Prisoners Speak
    Organizational Strategies - Clark Bailey
    The Role of the Black Panther Party in the Struggle
    Reparations - S.E. Anderson
    And others

    Video film showings will be ongoing throughout the event, as well as
    art, photo and historical exhibits

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