[sixties-l] which are the most important of the Pentagon Papers?

From: Grover Furr (FURRG@alpha.montclair.edu)
Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 19:01:42 EDT

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         Since this is the anniversary of the Pentagon Papers, it seems
    like a good time to ask the following question -- one I've been
    meaning to ask on this list, and on some others, for awhile.

         I'd like to know which of the Pentagon Papers the members of this
    list think are the most important, or revealing, or disillusioning, or
    notable for some reason.

         My purpose is to compile a list of them and then, over a period
    of time, scan and put them on the Web for use by my own students, but
    also by others.

         Incidentally, I'm well aware that there are several differing
    editions of the PP -- outlined, for example, by Ed Moise on


         I'll gratefully accept recommendations from any and/or all of
    these editions.


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         "There was never from about two weeks from the time I took charge
    of this [Manhattan] Project any illusion on my part but that Russia
    was our enemy, and the Project was conducted on that basis."

         - General Leslie Groves, quoted in Martin J. Sherwin, A World
    Destroyed: The Atomic Bomb and the Grand Alliance (NY, 1975), p. 62.

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