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Date: Fri Jun 29 2001 - 15:52:02 EDT

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      You can be a part of history...

    The Black Panther party for Self Defense was born thirty-five years ago
      in Oakland, California. This October, former members of the BPP and their
    supporters will meet in Washington DC, Oct 11-14 2001 at University of
    District of Columbia. Our reunion is not just a sentimental journey, but
    a conference to plan strategies to free our political prisoners
    and to address the social ills which afflict our communities to this day.

      We will publish a program, which will be a limited edition, historical
    document. Your work will appear in this program if you are a winner
    of the It's About Time Writing Contest.

      The theme of this contest is: What is/was the significance
      of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense in the Black Liberation

      There are two categories, poetry and essay. The winning piece in each
    category will be published in the 35th Anniversary Program. Runners up
    will be published in the "It's About Time ..., Newsletter". Winners will
    also receive two (2) copies of the program and a year of the
    "It's About Time... Newsletter".

    Poems are not to exceed thirty (30) lines. Essays should be approximately
    1500 words in length. Prisoners are encouraged to apply. There is a
    reading fee of $10.00 per entry, up to three (3) poems may be entered
    at one time. The fee is waived for prisoners. The proceeds of the contest
    will be used to publish the program, and to defray costs of the reunion.

      Entries will be screened by Sister Sheba Haven, former literary editor of
    the Black Panther Newspaper, Black Community New Service. Five finalists
    in each category, and the winner in each, will be chosen by a panel of
    judges. Entries will be judged on the basis of: idelogical understanding,
    historical accuracy, originality and style.

      Deadline for contest entries is August 21, 2001.

      Address all entries and make check or money order payable to:

      It's About Time...
      P.O. Box 221100
      Sacramento, CA 95822
      Attn: Sister Sheba

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