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    Featured Author: Terry Southern

    "A Grand Guy: The Art and Life of Terry Southern"
    By Lee Hill

    "Now Dig This: The Unspeakable Writings of Terry Southern,
    Edited by Nile Southern and Josh Alan Friedman

    Claire Dederer reviews these two new books about the author
    famous for his novel "Candy," which made his name in 1964,
    and also for "The Magic Christian" and the screenplay for
    "Dr. Strangelove."

    The 60's were, for Southern, a protracted party, Dederer
    writes. "But the zeitgeist hustled on to the next thing,
    which turned out to be hippies. Southern tagged along. He
    traded swank threads for jeans, drank and drugged harder
    than ever, remained adamantly opposed to the Man. Even so,
    his peculiar form of eggheaded pranksterism fell from
    style." He died in 1995 "that benighted being, the cult
    writer." Southern's life is "so rich in dramatic elements
    that it cries out for a full and intelligent treatment.
    Unfortunately, Hill seems determined not to read any meaning
    into Southern's rise and fall," Dederer concludes.

    The anthology of Southern's work, edited by his son, Nile,
    and Josh Alan Friedman, a writer and musician who is the son
    of the novelist Bruce Jay Friedman, "reveals a writer
    defined by his generosity, by the pursuit of fun and by an
    insatiable hunger apparent in the autobiographical pieces
    here. . . . In this collection we find a writer of variety:
    a maker of screenplays, stories, journalism, memoir and
    criticism of great force and wit. In writing, as in life, he
    wanted to try everything once."

    Featured Author: Terry Southern
    This retrospective features Southern's 1995 obituary and
    reviews of his books, including "Candy" (1964) and movie
    scripts, including "Dr. Strangelove" (1964).

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