Re: [sixties-l] Matters of Treason: Reply to Roger Clegg

From: Ron Jacobs (
Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 08:26:37 EDT

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    Does this mean we can quit referring to fascists who despise freedom for
    anyone other than themselves and their money as rightwingers and just call
    them fascists? After all, the only thing they are truly hands-off about is
    corporate money. In every other respect, they want to control our
    lives--they want a bigger drug war, more prisons, no access to birth
    control, and the right to legislate sexual preference. Their ideas are
    fascist, their traditions are from the KKK and the fascist elements of the
    right, and their agendas are of the fascists--where government works for
    the corporations.
    -ron j

    >I would like to end this note with a personal request to my conservative
    >comrades-in-arms. When you go into your next battle with our opponents,
    >would you please stop referring to leftists who despise America, who have
    >waged a forty-year war against its foundations, whose agendas are a
    >socialist and even fascist utopia (redistribution by racial preferences)
    >as "liberals." These are not liberals. They are leftists. The only thing
    >they are liberal about is hard drugs and sex. In every other respect, they
    >want to control your lives. Their traditions are of the left, their ideas
    >are of the left, their agendas are of the left. You can't really complain
    >about the double standards for the past, if you continue to apply those
    >double standards to the present.
    > David Horowitz is editor-in-chief of and president
    >of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture.

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