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Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 22:21:10 EDT

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    Re: Casey Hayden & Mary King (Robert Houriet's note)

    As I understand it, Mary was more responsible for the Waveland memo ^ but
    Casey was more responsible for Sex & Caste. Two separate things. The first
    was for the SNCC meeting at Waveland. It's the later that got sent out to a
    bunch of women in SNCC/SDS/etc about Nov '65 & touched off the women's
    discussions at the Dec 1965 SDS national council meeting (and many
    repercussions from that). It was reprinted in Liberation the next spring as
    Sex & Caste. For more on the paper & it's repercussions for SDS & the
    women's movement, see my film Rebels with a Cause.
    Helen Garvy

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