[sixties-l] Allen Cohen's Latest Escapades

From: Allen Cohen (SFORACLE@prodigy.net)
Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 13:27:44 EDT

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    Sixties Rock Posters, The San Francisco Oracle and the Haight Ashbury
    photographs of Gene Anthony will be included the San Diego Museum of Art's
    show "High Societies." Also included in show will be 30 Toulouse Lautrec
    posters and the Floating World of Edo woodblock prints from 19th century
    Japan. During the run of the show there will also be a Sixties Rock Concert
    and a Symposium, "The Sixties - The Whole World Was Watching." The show will
    run from May 26th to August 12, 2001 at The San Diego Museum of Art, Balboa
    Park, San Diego. Call 619-696-1930 for more information.


    Allen Cohen, founder and editor of the San Francisco Oracle, will be
    speaking on the "History of the Haight Ashbury" at San Francisco City Hall
    on May 29th at 6PM - 8PM in the South Light Court. There is a suggested
    donation of $6 at the door. There will be a display of 60s artifacts and
    posters and a slide show.

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