[sixties-l] Film The War at Home

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Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 20:25:10 EDT

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     This is one of my favorite films tells a great story. It has home super 8
    footage of
    party on Mifflin St. (spell?) which the police turned into a "riot" It
    shows what happened almost step by step that led up to the bombing of the
    ROTC office. The film was made by Glenn Silber who now works for one of the
    networks. I have a copy but need permission from Glen nto sell it to you. I
      think it is distributed by a company ,maybe First Run Films, you can do a
    search. It will be expensive. If you can find Glen and he gives permission
    I could possibly make a copy cheap. He lives in NJ. .
    Columbia Revolt about Columbia University is its sister film.
    Good luck , Roz Payne
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    Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 20:03:09 EDT
    From: kvanvlotenma@aol.com
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    Subject: The War at Home---Campus unrest during 1960s

    I am a student researching campus unrest during the 1960s. I have heard from
    a friend from madison wisconson thata film was made there entitled the war at
    home and would very much like to find a copy of this. does anyone know where
    I could obtain it? Thanks for the time and effort.
                     Kurt Van Vloten

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