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Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 16:36:20 EDT

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    Wed, 16 May 2001

    For Immediate Release


    The Lakota Student Alliance and the American Indian Movement Support Group
    of Kansas are honored to announce the 2nd Annual Commemoration of Healing
    for the Incident at Oglala.

    On June 26th, 1975 agents Ron Williams and Jack Coler of the Federal Bureau
    of Investigation entered the property of the Jumping Bull family in Oglala,
    South Dakota. A firefight between the agents and members of the American
    Indian Movement camped on the property, ensued which left both these agents
    and AIM member Joe Stuntz Killsright dead. It also left AIM member Leonard
    Peltier falsely incarcerated for the murders of Williams and Coler as well
    as escalating the fear and intimidation already present on the Pine Ridge
    Reservation. What has become known as the Reign Of Terror was only boosted
    by these events.

    June 26th, 2001 marks the 26th anniversary of these tragic events and the
    2nd anniversary of commemorations of healing for all those involved.

    Therefore, we invite the family members of Joe Stuntz Killsright, Leonard
    Peltier, the American Indian Movement, the entire Indian Nations and, most
    importantly, all the survivors and family members effected by the Reign of
    Terror (1973-1976) to come together in Oglala, South Dakota for this healing
    that must continue in order for us to progress.

    The Commemoration will begin at sunrise with ceremonies led by Lakota Chief
    Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf
    Pipe. A memorial walk from the Jumping Bull property to the cemetary where
    Joe Stuntz Killsright and Anna Mae Pictou Aquash are buried will take place
    directly after the beginning ceremonies. Upon our return to the Jumping
    Bull property, ceremonies of healing will take place and guest speakers will
    share their feelings and thoughts.

    The guest speakers include American Indian Movement co-founder, Dennis
    Banks; AIM Grand Council Member and President of the National Coalition on
    Racism in Sports and Media, Vernon Bellecourt; Wounded Knee (1973) Veteran,
    Doc Rosen; AIM, Leonard Peltier Defense Committee member and Reign of Terror
    Survivor, Jean Day; Author of Wisdomkeepers and Editor of Leonard Peltier's
    autobiography, Prison Writings, My Life is My Sundance, Harvey Arden; and
    Leonard Peltier's daughter, Marquetta Peltier.

    In the evening hours a free concert for the youth and awareness will take
    place at the Loneman School Gym in Oglala, South Dakota. Performers for
    this concert include MicMac Songstress, Donna Augustine; Native American
    Music Award Winner, Wayquay; Apache Hip-Hop artist, Redsoul; and long-time
    activist and folk singer Jim Page. More performers for the concert will be
    announced as they become available.

    For more information on the Oglala Commemoration or for further press
    coverage, please contact:

    Andy Mader - (785) 235-9558
    email: AIM2daBone@redpride.com

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