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From: jo grant (
Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 22:35:24 EDT

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    With all the talk about the On The Road manuscript I thought it might
    be interesting if the Sixties List could see and read the last letter
    Jack Kerouac wrote before he died.

    While reading it remember that the Sampas family ended up with the
    entire collection and have kept it private--with a few exceptions.

    Jack Keroauc wanted his entire collection to be public. Wanted it
    housed in a major library where people would have access to it.

    The Sampas family has been selling off the collection piece by piece
    for years. When Jan Keroauc was alive, and broke and ill and in need
    of the royalties that were rightfully hers the Sampas family cheated
    her--she never got what was rightfully hers.

    You might remember Johnny Depp reading from Mexico City Blues on
    national TV. The rights belonged to Jan Kerouac. She was never paid.
    Depp's agent said the fee was paid. Jan told me it was not and Jan
    was not a liar. Probably ended up in a Sampas pocket. At the time she
    was desperately ill in Albuquerque.

    It's a long story and a sad story, Jan died, she left her rights to
    her ex-husband, who made a deal with the Sampas' and the law suit,
    filed by Jan, to prove that the will Jack's mother left was a
    forgery, never went to court in St. Pete, FL.

    The Sampas' family ends up with millions and the public, the
    students, the scholars, the writers, may or may not have access to
    the primary collection.

    Years ago, when I first posted Jack's last letter on my web site, the
    lawyers for John Sampas threaten me with a law suit. They claimed it
    belonged to the Keroauc estate. I ignored them because a few years
    earlier they proclaimed it was a forgery. In fact they accused Jack's
    nephew Paul of forging it.

    Of course it was not a forgery and Sampas and his lawyers have been
    forced to recognize that the letter is REALLY Jack Kerouac's last

    This is what he thought of the people who ended up with his collections:

    "'Dear Little Paul:
    This is Uncle Jack. I've turned over my entire
    estate, real, personal, and mixed, to Memere, and if she dies before me, it
    is then turned to you, and if I die thereafter, it all goes to you.... I
    just wanted to leave my 'estate' (which is what it really is) to someone
    directly connected with the last remaining drop of my direct blood line,
    which is, me sister Carolyn, your Mom, and not to leave a dingblasted
    fucking goddamn thing to my wife's one hundred Greek relatives. I also plan
    to divorce, or have her marriage to me, annulled. Just telling you the
    facts of how it is....'

    Jack Kerouac to Paul Blake Jr., October 20, 1969.

    I do not have all the Keroauc material on my site at this time
    because I'm reorganizing everything I have so it will be easier to

    j grant

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