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From: jo grant (
Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 12:27:07 EDT

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    While in the process of reading HOME TO WAR: A History of the Vietnam
    Veterans' Movement by Gerald Nicosia, (Crown Books, June 2001, ISBN
    0-8129-9103-6) I learned that the NYTimes has refused to review the
    book. This seems very strange to me considering that HOME TO WAR
    details the many years of activism by Vietnam vets whose active
    opposition to the war added deperately needed muscle to the protests
    that brought an end to that war. The protests are only one part of
    this book that deals extensively with healing, readjustment and VVAW.

    I have added the basic information about the book on my website, but
    would like to collect thoughts about the refusal of the NYTimes to
    review what is (in my opinion) an important book. Is this an example
    of the mainstream media not wanting to deal with, acknowledge or
    discuss what a tragic mistake it was to get involved in that war.

    Vietnam Vets have been waiting for this book that Nicosia had been
    working on for 12 years. It has been praised by Howard Zinn, Larry
    Heinemann, Oliver Stone, Gen Harold Moore, Col. David Hackworth and
    many others. A recent review in the Chicago Tribune spoke highly of
    the book, but the review was lukewarm and it appeared that the
    reveiwer had not given the book a carefully read.

    The book was published with a different cover than was used on the
    pre-pub copies (which I consider a big mistake on the part of Crown)
    and I haven't changed the book cover art yet--but will in a few days.

      I'm adding one web address at the urging of some Vietnam Vet friends:

    The Chicago Tribune review can be seen at:

    j grant

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