Re: [sixties-l] Kerrey, Blanton and the Liberals

From: Ted Morgan (
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 10:07:16 EDT

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    Agree, mostly, (and definitely in this case!) with Ron, though I look forward to
    Hitchens' Nation columns because he usually has something very worthwhile to say
    in a manner that's worth the read. I also think he, like Cockburn and Pollitt,
    have that seemingly necessary Nation-lefty arrogance that leads them to skewer
    people who don't deserve it as well as those who do --i.e., to somehow be removed
    from a human interaction with those who, for example, write letters to the
    Nation. That plus I suspect a strong reaction to any criticism....
    Kind of fun, though, when they turn their 'guns' on each other!
    In Hitchens' defense, he's not afraid to be up front with unpopular (or un-PC)
    views (e.g., on abortion), and he has written an awful lot of good stuff (see his
    2-part series in Harpers on Kissinger the War Criminal!). He's also a rare left
    voice who occasionally gains entry to mainstream media (e.g., C-SPAN)....

    Ron Jacobs wrote:

    > This is why I can't tolerate Hitchens--he's a friggin' Gucci Marxist. Yet,
    > he is also a damn good writer and sometimes he hits the right targets
    > -ron j.

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