[sixties-l] Vietnam Urges Kerrey to Aid in 'Healing'

From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 19:49:42 EDT

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       Friday, April 27, 2001; Page A05

    Vietnam Urges Kerrey to Aid in 'Healing' (Reuters)


      HANOI, April 26 -- Vietnam said today that former U.S. senator Bob Kerrey
      had been remorseful in his statements about his Vietnam War service and
      called on him to help heal the wounds left from the conflict.

      "In the statements about what happened in the past in Vietnam, Mr. Kerrey
      had shown he was remorseful for his behavior," Foreign Ministry
      spokeswoman Phan Thuy Thanh said in a statement.

      "We think the best way for Mr. Kerrey, as well as other Americans who
      used to fight in Vietnam, to find peace of mind is to have concrete and
      realistic actions to contribute to healing the wounds left by the war in
      Vietnam," the statement said.

      Kerrey, a Nebraskan who sought the Democratic presidential nomination in
      1992 and has been talked about as a prospect for 2004, has said a Navy
      SEAL combat mission he led during the war was responsible for the
      shooting deaths of more than a dozen unarmed civilians, mostly women and

      The Feb. 25, 1969, incident in Thanh Phong hamlet in the Mekong Delta
      came to light on Wednesday following a joint investigation by the New
      York Times Magazine and the CBS News program "60 Minutes II."

      Kerrey, who was awarded the Bronze Star for the mission, confirmed the
      incident in a speech and in newspaper and television interviews.

      Vietnam on Monday will celebrate the 26th anniversary of the victory of
      the northern communists over the U.S.-backed South Vietnam government,
      marking the end of the war.

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