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Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 02:38:37 EDT

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    > On Bob Kerrey and Vietnam

    Why are there never any calls for the civilians who sat on the sidelines to
    take account of their failure to make a commitment one way or the other?

    We just 'elected' a president who offended his 'native' Texas for his really
    cheesy draft dodge more for his efforts to 'cover it up' than for coming out
    forth right and admitting that dear old dad had done what needed to be done
    to get him a safe place, and he just up and screwed the pooch on even
    pretending to be any good at playing in the national guard.

    Why don't we hear more about the need for the average 'joe six pack' tax
    paying voter, to get more involved in the proces than donating the
    equivolency of the national expediture on potato chips to soft money
    when there are issues like bosnia, columbia, and iraq on the table?

    When the discussion points are things like,

        Ok, so what exactly do we want as the technological leap forward
        in military technology in an age when it is really hard to resolve
        what beyond peace keeping operations we might use a military for?

    Why are there never any great pieces of chest beating about what the 'vast
    silent majority' should have done to better prepare their children to be
    more effectively engaged in compelling the government to mantain solidarity
    with the Kyoto Accords so as to prevent 'green house gases' that may
    complicate matters in ways that merely being able to get marines on station
    to provide the required level of petro-chemical compounds that will allow
    'the kiddies' to download MP3 music files from the napster follow on severs
    on the internet - are never considered when we are trying to merely justify
    that at times we let 25 year old kids lead combat teams into complex
    problems that do not have simple solutions?

    One really does have to wonder if the current Kerry Krisis is just one more
    way of saying,

        Hey, the issues of today are irrelevant!

        You should be worrying about forgetting the lessons of history
        and merely trying to keep on avoiding the current crisis because
        of course the clear mandate of the american people remains that
        we would prefer to leave all of this in the hands of the government

    Maybe it is all of the better! We are being lead by George W. Bush! the
    great american hero who tried to go from obsolete non-deployable jet
    fighter aircraft to a postal unit in the white house - why the alternative
    was a senator's son who would do time in the killing machine as a photo
    journalist - or worse yet, had the GOP been really bizarre, and we would
    have the senior officer present from the Hanoi Hilton at the helm!!!!

        "After fight club, it helped turn down the noise...."
            - Fight Club

        "Here we were trying to sell their fat asses back to them..."
            - Fight Club


    Maybe former pro-westler, previously SEAL team, now governor is correct
    that there is nothing like hunting human........

    Maybe the real issue here is that many in america really prefer it that
    there are 'welfare state provided' persons who will do their killing
    for them.... so that they are not 'inconvenienced' by all of the complex
    technical details.....


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