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    Subject: Re: near and long term fixes for the cause of PTSD

    At 11:16 PM 4/21/2001 -0700, drieux just drieux wrote:
    >Maybe the really impolite thing about all of this is watching civilians deal
    >with the fact that they do not have a good 'frame of reference' from which
    >to resolve which of the DSM-<intergerHere> definition best suits the fact
    >that they are not always able to get 'staff' to deal with 'those issues'.


    There are so many threads in what you say, it's obvious that you're one
    brother who is really struggling. Stick with the above --- IT'S ALL POLITICAL!

     From your side, the politics is that those who send children off to war
    NEVER want to pay to clean up the mess they create. Others see that the
    definition of PTSD is overly restrictive due to it's origins in combat
    ("shell shock," etc.). The bully boss who reduces good employees to
    nervous wrecks is creating traumatic stress just as much as the
    warmongers. But the business community doesn't want to have to pay, so
    they fight against it all the way.

    When you see that IT'S ALL POLITICAL, you'll see that we're all on the same
    side, or should be.

    Martin via Helen's account

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