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Date: Sat Apr 21 2001 - 21:51:15 EDT

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    Martin Schaaf, replying via my partner's account cause mine is F***ed up...

    >In regards to the impact of the FSM on student activism at
    other campuses...

    I was in Edna McGuire Junior High school (Mill Valley) at the time. We had
    a "closed" campus. Two girls, as a lark, spread the rumor that there was
    going to be a walk-out at lunch time. Several hundred kids walked off
    campus onto the little league field next door. The administration freaked out!

    As they herded the kids back onto campus, I stood just inside the gate
    saying, "Donations to the Free Speech Movement." The principal ordered me
    to "get back on campus" (!!!) and threatened to suspend me.

    I don't thing the girls would have had the idea, nor would it have been so
    successful if the FSM hadn't been in the news at the time.

    Great fun!

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