[sixties-l] Horowitz refuses to pay Daily Princetonian for ad without apology

From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 20:22:28 EDT

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    Horowitz refuses to pay Daily Princetonian for ad without apology

    By Andy Golodny Brown
    Daily Herald (Brown U.)

    (U-WIRE) PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Conservative activist David
    Horowitz is refusing to pay the Daily Princetonian for
    running his ad on slavery reparations. Princeton
    University's student newspaper ran the ad on April 4 and
    in an editorial on the same day attacked Horowitz's
    ideas as racist.

    "In no way do we support Horowitz's argument. Denying
    publication of the ad, however, just gives Horowitz what
    he is looking for: another reason to cry 'censor,'" the
    editors wrote to their readers. The editors also
    promised to donate the money they received from Horowitz
    -- approximately $1,000 -- to the Trenton chapter of the
    National Urban League, because, "we do not want to
    profit from Horowitz's racism."

    "Printing this ad is the best way to allow our readers
    to fight against the racist aspects of its message," the
    editors wrote. Horowitz laid out his reasons for
    withholding his money in a column on Monday's Salon.com
    online magazine.

    "After flaming me in public -- so easy for an
    irresponsible press where even the purchase of ad space
    merits an ad hominem attack -- the princes will not get
    to donate my money. The check has been stopped pending
    an apology. In the absence of this decency, I will
    donate it myself, but to a cause I choose," he wrote.

    If the Princetonian's editors disagreed with his ad,
    Horowitz said they could have provided a "point-by-point
    refutation of its arguments" instead of immediately
    labeling him a racist.

    The editors said they will not run any future ads from
    Horowitz until he makes good on his payment.

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