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From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 16:57:56 EDT

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    April 16, 2001

    Black People Have a Right to Rebel

    By Lorenzo Komboa Ervin <komboa@hotmail.com>

    A massive anti-cop rebellion has broken out in Cincinnati
    over the police shootings of 15 Black men, ranging in ages
    from 12-44 years old, all unarmed. The latest case is of
    Timothy Thomas, a 19-year old brother, allegedly wanted for
    misdemeanor traffic offenses, who was gunned down last week
    by a crazed white cop. The Black community has risen up in a
    massive protest against this racist occupying army, poverty,
    and other forms of mistreatment. Now, we are being told by
    various White politicians and their paid Uncle Toms that
    even more massive police violence should be trained on us
    "to keep the peace", and "stop the violence." Not the cop
    violence and murder, which has gone on for years, but the
    current rebellion by our people against police forces.

    I have heard this garbage for years. Going back to the 1965
    Watts rebellion, when Black folks rebelled after years of
    LAPD racist brutality, it was a line put forth by the white
    ruling class and its Negro spokespersons that we were
    "torching our own neighborhoods." Never mind that we didn't
    own a damn thing in the ghetto, that it was the cops
    themselves shooting and torching Black homes, and that this
    was a clearly a struggle with deep roots in historical
    oppression, the government's line was duly picked up by the
    negro bourgeoisie, and passed off as "truth", along with
    "the police right to stop looters" and "we need peace." Not
    about justice, not about stopping police murders of our
    people, but that we must stop our resistance against our
    oppressors. That is their only concern, restoring "law and

    We are an oppressed people, who have the moral and political
    right to rebel. We are fighting oppression, and seeking
    freedom. We are opposing terrorism by military agents of the
    white government. We have been historically enslaved, and
    our youth are being imprisoned and killed in massive
    numbers, so we must fight back or become an extinct species.
    There are those who say that if we will only be "peaceful"
    those in power will listen to us. This has never happened,
    and truthfully none of the civil rights bills of the 1960s
    outlawing Southern segregation, and other concessions of
    that period, would have been passed if the white government
    was not afraid of Black people erupting in the streets. So
    street rebellion is effective.

    Neither I nor anyone else can say with complete accuracy,
    but I think we can soon expect to see other such rebellions
    in various American cities because similar contradictions
    exist, and even more murderous police forces guard the white
    rich of those places. For example, Detroit is a city which
    could go up at any time. It leads the USA in the number of
    fatal police shootings of civilians, most of whom are Black.
    It has a corrupt government, which allows violence by
    police, drug-peddling, robbery, and other offenses by
    officers. There are Detroit officers, like Eugene Brown, who
    have killed several persons, and yet have never been
    punished. He is protected by the Mayor and the police union.
    Although worse in Detroit, police brutality goes on all over
    the country, along with political cover-ups to protect them.
    I hear white folks and middle class negroes say that if we
    arm ourselves and resist, "even more of us will be killed."
    I don't propose individual resistance, but rather community
    defense, and I believe then we will talk about funerals on
    both sides.

    Our task, as an oppressed people, is to work to overthrow
    white supremacy and capitalist rule. That is the true nature
    of this government, not a so-called "democracy" where we can
    expect fair treatment. This system is based on and is
    maintained by our oppression. This is why I believe that the
    task of Black radicals is not to call for new federal
    legislation, an FBI investigation, or a citizen review
    board. We must educate our people about the truth of this
    system, and begin to build a mass resistance movement
    against racism and internal colonialism. This resistance
    should be by any means necessary, and we must have an armed
    self-defense policy. I have always rejected pacifism. We
    must seek to build dual power bases, and begin to win over
    the masses of the people, build a militia to protect it, and
    push the police and white government out of the community
    entirely. We must begin to govern ourselves, and create a
    new zone of Black power. The activists have got to stop
    looking in from the outside and doing all our organizing on
    the comfortable college campuses or suburbs, and begin to
    organize in the impoverished neighborhoods where the action
    is taking place. As activists, we have got to stop waiting
    on crises like the Cincinnati rebellion, and begin to set up
    organizing projects to make sure they don't happen, and when
    they do we can effectively retaliate. Yes, we have a right
    to rebel in Cincinnati, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and
    anywhere else we are oppressed.

    We are a class of poor and oppressed peoples who are
    fighting capitalism and racism all over the world. We are
    not alone, and when we fight we will find that the people of
    the world support our struggle.

    Copyleft (c) 2001 Lorenzo Ervin. Redistribute Freely.

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