[sixties-l] Plan For A CVS Draws Protest In Woodstock

From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: Sat Apr 14 2001 - 21:30:43 EDT

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    "Protest Check in Aisle 6"
    Plan For A CVS Draws Protest In Woodstock
    The New York Times (free registration and 'cookies' required)

    It does not have quite the ring of an epochal battle cry of the
    counterculture. But here in America's living monument to the glory days
    of the 1960's, a proposal to close the town's beloved supermarket and
    replace it with a sprawling, franchise drugstore has graying veterans
    taking to the streets, pledging to block traffic with human chains and
    summoning the great proletarian struggles of the past. The issue has
    become the most visceral one here in many years, partly because Grand
    Union, though indisputably corporate, was both a community gathering
    spot and a lifeline for the disadvantaged. More fundamentally, the
    situation has raised the specter that as Grand Union goes, so, too,
    might go the neighborhood, rendering this quirky and anti- establishment
    stronghold indistinguishable from other homogenized and
    corporate-flavored suburbs.


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