[sixties-l] Hiding Class behind Race

From: drieux just drieux (drieux@wetware.com)
Date: Wed Apr 11 2001 - 10:59:32 EDT

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    > on 04/09/2001 22:07, PNFPNF@aol.com at PNFPNF@aol.com wrote:
    > What I do think we need to look at, though--to let in as a serious piece of
    > this argument--is that, as I understand it, many or most of the Israeli West
    > Bank settlers are poorer Jews effectively unable to survive in the more
    > desireable areas of the country. I just wish we could--as numerous Arabs and
    > Israelis I've known do--recognize the class issues here and start to
    > transcend the ethnic ones.
    > Best, Paula

    My complements!

    Half of what complicates the 'race issue' in america IS the ongoing effort
    to hide 'class issues'. Nothing more amusing to me personally than watching
    the "News Shows" 'allowing' the debate over affirmative action to be
    conducted by two african-american members of the middle class arguing
    whether members of their ethnic-class group should have preference over
    other ethnic-class groups, because of the 'slavery issue'.....

    When the Bakke Case went up to the US Supreme Court it was undersupported
    because of course, this was a discussion about 'white male rights' - this
    time around we get to review the new and improved case, as it winds its
    way through the courts - of a 'single parent white female' and her lack of
    collecting the correct 'victims points' to compensate for the fact that
    she had enough 'academic points' to attend the law school...

    Amongst the questions I keep wondering about is the ugly problem that we are
    not all created 'equal' in a metaphysical sense - knock off my glasses and I
    am as blind as a bat.... But if you stand back long enough for me to 'crush
    the problem into an algebra...' you will be able to have a reasonable
    'roadmap to a solution' - a part of the 'mental illness' that has infected
    me since the first series of applications of mathematics to current
    problems.... For reasons that escapes me, some people can do this, some can
    not. In the 'computer field' - serious geeks understand that as I lose my
    prepositions, adverbs and adjatives - and decay into a simple 'noun-verb'
    phraseology - this is merely an 'I/O bind' problem - and that they should
    merely hang a flag on the 'w-chan' and wait for me to come 'out of kernel
    space' - as my UnterStumpenFumbler was ever so polite as to note:

        "here is your hat, your bag, your cup of coffee,
         call me when you come back...."

    And I did. He has had to go through the chaos of understanding, late in
    life, both G. Spencer Brown's "Law of Forms" - as well as the reality that
    the 'church-turing hypothesis' is merely a unique and interesting subset
    of the general "godel's incompleteness theorum" - and that I was not joking
    over the last decade that 'I will have to leave the 19th century where I
    found it....' since the mythico-religious commitment to the pure
    formalization of the system that will 'allow the computers to take over'
    is not at all possible. Great Stuff for Sci-Fi and Neo-Technoir-Luddites,
    but not at all likely.

    The downside of which is that idiots in 'management and marketting' will
    continue to write performance requirements that 'mandate' that we try to
    solve the 'church-turing hypothesis' - even though we know that is not
    likely to be solved at all. The upside is that we will be 'selling' them
    'product upgrades' to continually improve the approximation of a solution
    right up to the moment the sun goes NOVA!!!!

    { assuming that we have not been able to move our software house off world
    to some safe place.... }

    For me it is clearly a great improvement in society that "THEY" have stopped
    trying to burn my type at the stake for 'witchcraft' - and in the main,
    rather than institutionalizing us in 'mental wards' - have found it more
    cost effective to 'institutionalize' my type amongst other geeks in CubeLand
    where we can create Dilbert Fodder.....

    Clearly the genetic defects that I have passed along to my children are in
    some way 'racial' - My son has begun to manifest the same 'genus
    mathimaticus' and will probably be a 'mutant' as well. That he will arrive
    in the 'modern world' with the subliminal message that his mother was the
    toughest sailor on the block, will clearly confuse him as to gender politics
    and the correct implementation of his class status as a warrior.... But then
    again in the 'consumerist society' that is america - few of them were all
    that hip to dharma to begin with....

    What if the real problem is that 'race' and 'class' are merely political
    marketting speak - full of sound and fury, signifying nothing?


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