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    <<With the possible exception that the AIDS virus may have been developed at Fort Detrick, MD, and introduced into Africa to cull that population, >>

     Oh please...

     As one who has been studying "AIDS" since 1987,
     and who received two federal grants to support
     my work, let me assure readers that the above
     is total rubbish, and is paranoid conspiricism
     in the extreme.

     The idea of a laboratory "virus" with a 10-year
     "latency period" being used as a weapon of
     biological warfare is absurd on its face.

     After years of focused study, I reached the
     conclusion that the "heretics" are correct.
     It is an error to conclude that HIV causes
     AIDS. Further, the "antibody tests" which
     supposedly "detect" HIV are fraudulent, and
     have never been validated by a proper scientific
     procedure, which would have to rely upon a gold
     standard based upon isolation of the virus from
     the uncultured plasma of research subjects.

     Further, the official definition of AIDS
     used in Africa is a mishmash of diagnostic
     fraud created by the World Health Organization,
     and, unlike the one used by the CDC, does not
     involve an HIV test. (By the way, in some cases
     the CDC definition will allow HIV-negatives to
     be diagnosed with "AIDS.")

     According to the West African Journal of Medicine
     (1994 Apr-Jun; 13(2):98-101), a study of "AIDS"
     patients in an African hospital yielded the fact
     that only 42% were HIV-positive. Clearly, HIV
     cannot account for all the "AIDS" in Africa.

     "AIDS" is just a new name for old diseaeses.
     In Africa, the reals reasons for "AIDS" can
     be found in the heritage of colonialism: poverty,
     malnutrition, poor public health services, and
     lack of public sanitation (clean water & sewage
     facilities) in the poorer areas and villages.
     Rather than confront these problems, it's politically
     convenient -- and profitable for the Western
     pharmaceutical companies -- to blame a "virus."

     The real "holocaust" in our times, unless those
     considering themselves to be "progressives" wake
     up to reality and start resisting AIDS dogma, is
     that millions of poor people in the Third World
     will be exterminated by toxic "anti-viral" drugs,
     which have been manufactured and marketed in reliance
     upon the flawed hypothesis that HIV is the "sole
     cause of AIDS." Not being a conspiricist, I don't
     believe that genocide is the motive. It's just
     plain old capitalist/imperialist profiteering.
     Genocide will merely be the "side effect."

     Open-minded readers not wedded to AIDS dogma and
     knee-jerk political correctness are invited to
     consult the following online resources:

      -- my guest editorial in The San Francisco
         Chronicle last year:

        Click on ARCHIVES; select the year 2000 and
        then select May 24 for FROM and TO. Select
        EDITORIAL from the "Chron" drop-down box.

     -- a more recent work by me at my website (best
        viewed through the AOL browser):

     -- Regarding the numerous adverse effects of
        "anti-viral" drugs:

     -- Regarding the numerous flaws of HIV detection

        Whose Antibodies Are They Anyway?

        Viral Load of Crap

     ~ Michael Wright (politically incorrect white male)
       Norman, Oklahoma








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