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Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 13:23:47 EDT

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    Hey, is it great having drieux back on this list or what? --at least if you
    have the time to read his screeds. Hang in, ole buddy!

    drieux just drieux wrote:

    > > on 04/02/2001 20:42, Allen Cohen at wrote:
    > > Subject: Re: [sixties-l] (Fwd):Reparatiopns, DH & the Left
    > Since it is important to put our Ciriculum Viritae on the table, so that
    > we can work out how to resolve our class status prior to addressing which
    > of us are the 'sons and daughters' of the 'rich kulaks' who should be
    > purged, allow me to place this first, so that the correct concern can be
    > levelled at which 'class bias' I bring to the table, prior to addressing
    > the assumptions of the argument.
    > My father started out as an 11-B humping an M-1 up the boot of italy,
    > grandfather went in with pershing.... the draft dodger who fathered him
    > missed out as we had no war he could attend, but his father fought for
    > first the confederates and then the union forces, after the fed's busted
    > the blockade runner that had rescued his german crew - but we do not want
    > to go down the line that inherited this problem of getting busted by the
    > feds as that way complicates matters. I could keep that line up through
    > the glorious ancestors to our Frankish 'eurocentric culturally myopic'
    > forfathers who were at Tours, and turned back the Islamic Jihaud of its day.
    > My stepmother got her head cracked at selma marching with MLK before running
    > off to be a social worker in watts, as was the trendy chic moment of young
    > white liberals of the era, concerned about spreading the efficacy of liberal
    > white guilt as the solution to the crisis of the era....
    > But I hope that helps ground that while it was OK for those 'kennedy
    > liberals' in New England to maintain the racist assumption
    > German means Nazi
    > and hence, that it was as equally relevant that I understand that 'we as
    > white people' should not be associating with negroes - I of course, came
    > to the discussion confused by my parental instructions that we, as G.I.
    > Brats were a part of a community 'set apart' - a proposition that the nice
    > white liberals in New England were willing to support, at the time, because,
    > well, as we all know, anyone who was in anyway involved with the war in
    > vietnam were a collection of rightwing death squading fascists. So when the
    > candy-assed proto-RushLimbiots were confused by the fact that G.I. Brats did
    > not get to choose their compatriots as 'liberally' as the nice white boys in
    > new england - that I would make it clear that 'we stick together, we are
    > family' - irregardless of race, creed, colour, religion, or affectional
    > preference, because at the end of the day, we were G.I. Brats, and they
    > would always be able to always be 'the locals'....
    > So while they had half a chance of hoping that their fathers would be able
    > to do for them as W's did for him, and DandyDanQuayle would do for him, and
    > as Rush Limbaugh, and Gnewt Gingrich would be able to do the old fashion way
    > by making it all up on the fly, whether with 2-S deferment or which ever is
    > the correct story about how they missed 'the war' - some of us were destined
    > to national service, because we were raised in those silly values of
    > duty, honor, country
    > and would execute on the 'liberal' rhetoric of
    > Ask not what your country can do for you.....
    > while the 'not the liberal intelligensia' were trying to find other avenues
    > for implementing alternative strategies?????
    > Do I get to litigate reparations from the nice white suburban
    > SatOnTheirFaceCrowd who were not clear which of their 'ideals' they were
    > willing to put their 'nuts in the grinder' to 'implement'????
    > Or should I be nailed to the cross as an analyst, amongst the rest, for
    > noting that it was not surprising, during the Yom Kippur War, that Gen
    > Sharon would opt NOT to stay current in the literature, and would send his
    > tanks forward without proper infantry support, to get slaughtered by the
    > first generation soviet ATGM's - or merely not be as surprised that when he
    > would find the conflict between 'political expedience' and his obligations
    > under The Warriors Code, he would, well, what ever it was that actually
    > happened in Beirut, when there was, what has become popular amongst liberals
    > to refer to as 'ethnic cleansing' occured by forces with political
    > allegiances, that would be as sacrificed in the breach, as the Montangard
    > when the Americans would leave them hanging in the wind, when, as with the
    > South Lebanese Army, it became impolite to extract them because of the shift
    > in political expediency.....
    > Or does that way complicate the moments for those who also, by right of
    > birth, at sedar ask,
    > "Father, father, why is tonight different from any other night...."
    > and whether or not the simplistic racist policy of presuming that
    > German equals Nazi
    > is as valid outside of the new england 'liberal' goyim?
    > So should I seek reparations from myself, because some of the bloodline
    > comes from germany?
    > Or, having, foolishly, opted to 'make a heap of all my winnings' meander
    > off to the USofA, with $65 in my pocket, and the address of people from
    > the old world, only to find at the 'employment office' - as they would be
    > so nice, and polite, to warn me, "well you can apply there, but you do not
    > have a chance, because they are 'under a court order'...." and hence I
    > should again litigate myself for reparations since as a 'white person' I of
    > course was the cause of my own inability to get the job I was qualified for,
    > because, while the goyim were not clear about who to discriminate against,
    > the liberal courts were sure that I should make sure that those who had a
    > better case should get jobs.........
    > Or should I litigate against myself, because, well, you know, there would
    > be no drain on the tax payers, were we not funding the European Colonial
    > Enclave in the middle east, if only those Jews were willing to adopt the
    > correct implementation of the need of the Arab League to drive the Zionists
    > back into the sea - and hence, of course, there would not be a ten plus year
    > war with Iraq...... that of course it is impolite to remind 'civilians'
    > about, since they were all so happy to have a 'beyond the vietnam syndrome'
    > parade, dance, and way too cool time.... in spite of the fact that 'my
    > family' is still putting up sorties, at tax payers expense..... even if
    > the 'liberal intelligensia' - whom ever they are - can not recall if they
    > are supporters of this ongoing war.....
    > Maybe a part of the really ugly subtext of the failure of David Horowitz to
    > stay 'true' to his 'radical leftists' positions, is that perchance some of
    > the blithe naivete of the sixties suffers under the unkind light of mere
    > analysis by the same tools that recently KILLED the whole craze and
    > the mythological notions that this some how created a 'new economy' that was
    > in some way 'unique' and free standing from the old economy, where we
    > actually defined 'equity value' based upon the ratio of 'price per share'
    > being associated to 'earnings per share' - and that within really dull and
    > boring old fashion metrics that even Karl Marx - heb that he was, son of
    > middle class parents, would understand - and that maybe so much of the
    > sheer romanticism of the 'sixties' about 'alternative lifestyles' suffers
    > under the same painful glare.....
    > Why is it no longer polite to note that one of the more 'unpleasant' side
    > effects of the whole 'integrationist strategy' has been that the 'white
    > owned' corporations were able to hire the 'best and the brightests' of the
    > negro community - and offer them the 'black flight' to the suburbs - that
    > would give us the whole 'bill cosby show' "huckstable family" and that whole
    > "fresh prince of bel air" TV sitcom vision of the USA which would as equally
    > deprive the 'urban center' of their 'middle class' as the 'white flight to
    > the burbs' also infected the american cities to the level that so many of
    > the urban metroplex's would implement statuatory requirements that the civil
    > servants of the metroplex actually had to LIVE in the cities that they
    > served???? or are we all spacing out on that moment, as if these laws had
    > been enacted in some mythical vacuum?????
    > I can empathise with those who had to 'come up the hard way' and hence still
    > support the need to maintain the old double standards of 'affirmative
    > action' as the only way to save the likes of 'will smith' to get high paying
    > jobs amongst the 'liberal hollywood elite' as, well, all those jews who
    > would change their names and 'pass' as goyim - but do we really want to go
    > through the whole myth system we have created about what happened in the
    > 'last good war'????? Or only remember that part of the process that dealt
    > with the 'internment camps' for the 'persons of japanese ancestry' and the
    > needs of the round eyes to make their own hollywood films about how to tell
    > the differences between japanese and the chinese, who were our allies,
    > except for the Maoists, who were responsible for keeping the 'Gung Ho' film,
    > with randolph scott, off the play list, because, well, some folks might
    > actually be able to remember whom the '8th route army' had been....
    > Come On kiddies - how long do we have to maintain the whole desperate need
    > for nice white suburbanites to placate their need to feel superior?
    > Maybe we might suggest that they have to hit the mark on their own merits
    > or face the reality check that the economy may make choices based upon who
    > is actually able to survive,
    > 'irregardless of race, creed, colour, religion, or affectional
    > preference....'
    > Oh dear - but if we were to smack down 'whitey' with that radical agenda,
    > maybe if we were as equally as 'colour blind' and to warn the rest that they
    > would need to prove 'mere competence' - in the same old fashion way that
    > most of the G.I. Brat community has been aware of for years,
    > "dead men do not wear plaid"
    > is not merely a good joke for 'steve martin fans' - but has the small
    > and ungainly moment that some folks learn about how to survive war, even
    > if it was unpopular amongst the 'hipsters in the USA', whether they lived
    > in palestine, or chechnyna, or afghanistan, or Tchad, or .....
    > Or as uncle drieux was so impolite as to note to two 'swave urbanites'
    > "look kid, I was involved in civil rights
    > when you mamma wouldn't allow you across the street...."
    > might be as useful an excuse to oblige persons to stand on their own
    > merits, just as the G.I. Brat community,
    > irregardless of race, creed, colour, religion or affectional preference
    > just like shrapnel and small arms fire.....
    > ciao
    > drieux

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