[sixties-l] A National Hero Turns 70 - Wish Him Well

From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: Thu Apr 05 2001 - 22:38:48 EDT

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    >Subj: A National Hero Turns 70 - Wish Him Well
    >Date: 4/2/2001
    >Announcing the "Wish Daniel Ellsberg a Happy 70th Birthday"

    >Website: <http://www.greenplanetvc.com/happy70thdan.htm>

    >On April 7th, 2001, Daniel
    >Ellsberg will celebrate his 70th birthday. Through his copying and
    >release of the government study that came to be known as the
    >Pentagon Papers, and through his subsequent role as a
    >prominent analyst and critic of U.S. foreign policy and a leader in
    >numerous actions, demonstrations, and movements against war and for
    >peace, he has been an inspiration to countless people around the world.
    >He has also been a wonderful friend to hundreds of people over the
    >years.Agroup of his family and friends decided the best present we could
    >give Daniel for his 70th (which, fortunately, finds him in great health,
    >working away
    >furiously on a political memoir) would be to enable all those people
    >around the world whom his life and example have touched to let him know,
    >on his birthday, what he has meant to them. So, please join us in
    >thanking Daniel for all he has given us, and in wishing him an eighth
    >decade and beyond full of health and happiness.
    >In an email message sent to me, his son Michael mellsberg@hotmail.com
    >please craft a birthday message for Dan. It can anything from a quick
    >thank-you note to a letter, a story, anecdote, or an essay. If you have
    >worked with him in the antiwar, peace, or antinuclear movements, he will
    >especially appreciate any amusing or touching stories from these
    >experiences. Use as much or as little space as you like.
    >Please include your name, your email address, and where you are writing from.
    >We will try to have your contribution up on the site by the next day. (Check
    >back frequently to see all the new submissions.) Your name and location will
    >be published below your message. (Your email address will not be published.)
    >On April
    >7th, we will unveil the website to Daniel. We will also present him with
    >the full email list so he can write a thank-you letter to all who contributed
    >(as a group, of course!) Your email will not be used for any other purpose,
    >nor will any other person or group be allowed access to it.
    >2. Please help us publicize this site!!! Please forward this email to anyone
    >you know who might be interested in participating. (To avoid hundreds of >>>
    >forward signs as
    >it gets circulated, please cut and paste the entire body of this text
    >into a new email message addressed to your friends and associates, rather
    >than simply pressing the "forward" button.) If you are a member of any
    >online or offline community or organization whose members might want to
    >wish Dan a happy 70th (peace groups, activist organizations, related
    >websites, online bulletin boards, discussion groups, email listservs),
    >let your fellow members know as well through posts and emails. And of
    >course, if you know Dan personally or have been in contact with him
    >recently, let's keep this a surprise!!!
    >So, without further ado, let's
    >wish Daniel a Happy 70th Birthday!!!
    >Thank you,
    >Michael Ellsberg
    >If you have any questions,comments, or suggestions about the site, please
    >contact me at mellsberg@hotmail.com

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