[sixties-l] Re. inquiry regarding My Lai case

From: Ted Morgan (epm2@lehigh.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 10:19:18 EDT

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    I'm passing this inquiry along, which I assume to be on the level.
    Please respond directly to ArtemSh (below). Note the journalist is
    looking for web sites that would have information on Nixon's pardon of
    Calley, etc. [Randy, are you out there?]

    Ted Morgan

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    Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 15:44:21 +0400
    From: ArtemSh <ArtemSh@vid.ru>
    To: epm2@lehigh.edu

    Dear Sir!
    My name^s Artem Sheinin. I^m a Russian TV-journalist. I found your
    e-mail at
    on of the sites connected with My Lai case. The reason I^m interested in
    is that to me it has a lot of similarity with a case which is being
    discussed in Russia in connection with Chechen war. Colonel Budanov
    strangled 18-y.o. Chechen girl. He admitted the killing, but says, he
    thought that she was a sniper who killed several of his soldiers. He
    a hero of many people, they think he should be released and call him a
    Others consider him a criminal, but find it hard to judge him because of
    cruelty of war.

    As far as I know, Lieutenant William Calley of US Army was sentenced to
    imprisonment, but 3 just later President Nixon intervened and he was
    released. I couldn^t find any details about why Nixon decided this. How
    he explained it to the public if he did at all? What was general public

    I^ll be very grateful to you if you^d advise me any sites where I could
    out more about it.

    Thank you anyway, best regards
    Artem Sheinin.
    ORT (Russian Public TV).

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