[sixties-l] Re: reparations

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: Tue Apr 03 2001 - 03:59:42 EDT

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    I can't imagine anyone but DH & co. can likely gain anything from our
    debating (Jeff, Marty) whether Jews during the Holocaust or Blacks during
    centuries of slavery (or Native Americans, or Palestinians, or single
    mothers' children during millenia of, or etc.) suffered more.
       Other point--when Marty rightly brought up the blamelessness of the
    children for the parents' crimes, I was reminded, though, that victimization
    affects not only the victim at that time but his/her progeny through, often,
    generations (just as the Bush Pharoahs build--have us build [hey, that's
    progress!]--for their Dynasties.
      Seems obvious--I think Marty was making this point--reparations would have
    to become, rather (be absorbed by? replaced by?) some sort of more general
    redistribution of wealth program to be just. And yet--where great debts are
    owing--e.g. to (not only Jewish) survivors of the Holocaust, and e.g. to
    still-oppressed Black Americans--can we really say don't pay these? (I think
    of, for instance, the elderly Holocaust survivors--and there are many--who
    never really got back on their feet, who *need* the reparations money. Or of
    the young Blacks for whom a sum could mean a chance to finish college. Do
    they wait until, y'know, the revolution? or--oy--the re-"Great Society"?)
    Anyhow, I've an injured hand and shouldn't be typing, so enough.

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