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Date: Sat Mar 31 2001 - 18:41:07 EST

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    Jeff Blankfort is not and never has been an academic, although he has
    been a high school teacher, a very different matter entirely. There is
    at least one subject -- Israel, Palestine, Zionism -- on which he knows
    as much as any academic around.
                                            Bill Mandel

    drieux just drieux wrote:
    > > on 03/28/2001 06:24, Jeffrey Blankfort at wrote:
    > [..]
    > > There should be no question that Horrorwitz knew exactly what the
    > > reaction would be to his advertisements, and so he gets a million bucks
    > > worth of free publicity and perhaps, something approaching that added to
    > > his bank account from the deep pockets neo-fascist right.
    > >
    > > Jeff Blankfort
    > I remember this lovely cartoon from Punch, in which a math instructor
    > attempts to present 'relevancy' for his math class - based upon the
    > then chic academic concern about all portions of the academy being
    > 'relevant' - which from memory may not have always been the correct
    > phrase d' jure.
    > But I find it almost comical that 'neo-fascism' has come back into
    > the forefront in the current 'failing market economy'.....
    > Have we decided to actually define 'fascism' in any new and improved
    > post-modern deconstructionist language enhancement, or are we still
    > planning to use it solely for its emotive value, and the glorious
    > appeal it offers back to the great days of the last good war, and
    > sucking up to the generation that we really want to replace, so that
    > we can get their gigs - which if I recall in the akademik game is
    > their chair in their department, and with it the right to fill up
    > the rest of the seats with our cronies rather than the last set of
    > cronies - a point made redundently comical to those of us from the
    > WarMonger Community, who recall the desperate struggle the WWII era
    > vets had wresting crontrol of the VFW/AFL halls from the hands of
    > the WWI/SpanishCivilWar Era vets, only to get whined at by the
    > Vietnam Era Vets, who have at times been the same for the current
    > Persian Gulf War Era Veterans, who's 'era' is still open.... check
    > it out with Congress's Veteran's Affair WebPage happy kampfr's....
    > So before we all start panicking that this time around the kiddies
    > might actually IMPLEMENT 'wild in the streets' - that AIP classic
    > genre piece, the sin que non of all that was 'best and brightist'
    > in the whole
    > tune in, turn on, drop out
    > motif of marketting - maybe we should wonder whether or not academic
    > freedom had merit on its own accord - independent of the need to
    > unseat the 'incumbents'.....
    > But maybe that sort of analysis leads us into the intellectual horrors
    > of wondering, to aloud, why it is that the 1950 Columbia Encyclopedia
    > explained that the era of entreprenuers had ended with Henry Ford, as
    > the corporation system provided the new and improved .... but some how
    > the whole 'entreprenuerial arts' lead to the crash, and as such
    > clearly must be replaced by the 'corporate state'..... or we might have
    > people out there foolishly seeking to
    > create the conditions you describe
    > and they might not always vote with the correct implementation of the
    > party line, whether it is the
    > "party on the left, meets the party on the right...."
    > and we spin up our old vinyl and chant:
    > "We don't get fooled again....."
    > ciao
    > drieux

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